Online Course Development

Other than your people, your organization’s greatest competitive advantage resides in your unique processes, systems and procedures.


To transfer this knowledge consistently and cost effectively to employees and contractors, one best practice is to digitally capture these critical procedures and processes using proven instructional principles for faster retention and improved quality.


That’s why hundreds of companies have partnered with UL Compliance to Performance to develop eLearning courses and classroom materials that become part of the organization’s knowledge culture, and a true competitive advantage.


Associated programs

Corporate Compliance - Medical Device Program

Corporate Compliance - Medical Device

UL’s Corporate Compliance Medical Device program educates employees on health care compliance and global ethics topics.

5 courses

Data Integrity Program

Data Integrity

The program includes five eLearning courses covering many enforcement issues related to Data Intgreity, targeted to professionals within QA, QC Lab and Clinical. Clients and also receive expertise and process improvements directly from our experts, who can visit facilities and demonstrate how to improve quality culture and embed data integrity into eveyday activities and procedures.

5 courses

Corporate Compliance - Pharmaceutical Program

Corporate Compliance - Pharmaceutical

UL’s Corporate Compliance Pharmaceutical program educates pharmaceutical manufacturers on compliance and global ethics topics.

5 courses