Aseptic Processing Competency Solution

With studies showing the measurable value of competency and skills mapping, UL’s Aseptic Processing solutions includes hands-on GMP consulting experts to work alongside your QA and Operations team to identify and develop the unique skills within your aseptic processing area.

Our expertise can be provided at a single facility or multiple facilities, clients can build a skills development framework that follows a seven-step process, as the graphic illustrates below.


These steps map relevant, competency-based actions that need to be conducted for each job function.  Companies can achieve compliance while improving business performance, and also drive these improvements:


  • Greater employee knowledge related to the basics of microbiology, aseptic gowning, and aseptic behavior
  • Increased employee engagement through well-defined roles and development of skills related to RABS, cleanroom, media fills, and much more

Associated programs

Aseptic Processing Program

Aseptic Processing

Our Aseptic Processing Basics series introduces core concepts of aseptic behavior and sterile manufacturing topics, enabling GMP Trainers and Operation Development Teams to address core requirements -- and introduce standards such as ICH Q9 and ISO 14644.

5 courses