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Reports of the Death of the LMS are Greatly Exaggerated

The Value of an LMS In the past few years within the industry, there has been a whisper and now, seemingly, a full-throated shout about the LMS being dead. There have been a number of articles as ...

Asking the Right Questions

In most organizations, the primary mechanism for engaging learners and assessing knowledge is through questions. Most online software uses a combination of question types including: multiple choice, true/false, matching, select all that apply and even ranking questions.

Video Game: Making an Impact in the Field of Healthcare

Video games are creeping into every aspect of the medical field from training to treatment. This new frontier will open up many opportunities as well as potential obstacles.

The Value of Formal Compliance Training

With the advent of social media and ubiquitous technology tools, there has been a large push in some circles for an increase in informal learning. Learning that occurs between co-workers and colleagues sharing institutional knowledge and procedures seems like a great idea to strengthen bonds within the company and to help reinforce critical knowledge within [...]

Granting Credits via an LMS

ComplianceWire now streamlines the credit approval process with a new “Course Credit Request & Approval” feature, in which learners can submit a credit request, which then gets routed to “approvers” so they can grant the request and automatically remove the item from the learner’s To-Do List.