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How do we reduce our quality risk?

About the Solution

Many manufacturers are using Quality Risk Management processes to continuously improve manufacturing processes, such as using resources more efficiently.


Clients are partnering with UL to gain a deeper understanding of their current processes, while reducing manufacturing problems.


UL provides the following solutions to help your team adopt a risk-based approach to your product manufacturing life cycle:


  • Identifying, addressing, prioritizing, and eliminating potential sources of failure
  • Conducting a Risk Assessment: What might go wrong, What is the likelihood that something will go wrong, and what are the consequences? 
  • Building Risk Analysis Measures, including severity, probability, and detectability
  • Conducting a Risk Review, including monitoring of output/results of the risk management process
  • Developing a Risk Communication Process, to ensure all shareholders and decisions makers receive the proper information
  • Identifying Risk Factors, such equipment failure rates, supply chain threats, etc.
  • Developing a Risk Matrix, and a custom severity scale
  • Deciding on the Appropriate Risk Tools: Decision Tree, FMEA, Fault Tree Analysis, etc.